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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Someone not pulling their weight? Make unlimited transfers during the transfer window, or change your captain.

Welcome to Sileby Towns fantasy cricket league for 2016.


Only Saturday senior league performances count towards the points total.

 How points are award can be found on the rules page

Transfers have to be completed by 20:00 on Friday

Transfers will re open on Monday

Any other questions please ask Chris Preston


For the following months there will be a Manager of the Month Prize of £25 STCC Bar Voucher

April/May: Cameron Ludowyke

June: Phil Chamberlian 



End of Season Prizes are:

1st £150

2nd £75

3rd £30


* Players Values can change *


Team Manager Points
 1Flaming GalahsCameron Ludowyke7404
 2God Bless Vivian Ruddle ✌🏻️🍚Pete Willcocks6965
 3ChaimanschoiceNigel Kinch 6938
 4The bigger the six the better the bowler Steve Ingram 6818
 5Kinchys KingsLiam Kinch 6794
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Dave Torr£8.5m594
 2Luke Gale£9.0m523
 3Peter Willcocks£6.0m496
 4Chris Bulmer£7.0m487
 5Joe Charity£7.0m430
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Name Value Points
 1Steve Ingram£4.5m666
 2Mark Barber£3.5m637
 3Phil Chamberlian£6.0m587
 4Harry Sharman£3.5m577
 5Matt Ellis£7.5m475
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Name Value Points
 1Chris Preston£3.5m815
 2Jigar Naik£9.0m789
 3Liam Kinch£9.5m787
 4Michael Ruddle£6.5m780
 5Sam Gale£6.5m758
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Name Value Points
 1Richard Preston£6.0m512
 2Sean Dudley£5.0m387
 3Mitchell Buck£7.0m192
 4Matthew Houghton£2.0m103
 5Ben Bradshaw£2.5m76
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Game 19 Stats

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